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Francisco Paulo Tosti was born in 1846 in Abruzzo, Italy. He was a pianist, violinist and a tenor who found his niche in composing songs essential to the art of the Bel Canto technique of singing.

Having received acclaim throughout Italy for his work he came to England in 1876. He was soon appointed singing master at the court of Queen Victoria. It was then that he composed many Romances which became known throughout Europe. Whilst they were written for the English Court, they were also used as concert repertoire for the famous singers of the day and found their way to Italy as Barber Shop songs.

This selection of songs by Francesco Paolo Tosti was chosen as it reflects some of his well known songs but also includes some of his lesser known compositions. Many of these songs have not been recorded for many years. Further, selections such as Sognai, Povero Fiore, Visione, Preghiera, Ricordati di me and Lungi have rarely been recorded in the Tenor repertoire.

                                                                                                           Sir Paolo Tosti


                                                    Sir Paolo Tosti

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